When not busy fighting for free oxygen on Mars, QUADE ventures to Earth from a lab deep under the mountains to transmit Martian Love Frequencies to Earthlings in the form of Midtempo Omni-Genre Bass Fueled Electronica for the Dancefloor.

QUADE, DJs Bartek (Los Angeles) and BIM Tim (Lake Tahoe), layer moody synths with deep organic grooves, bass weight, and sci-fi sound effects to fuse influences from breakbeat, dub, electro, hip hop, and IDM into animated sets of live scratching, sampling, FX processing, spontaneous mash-ups, remixes, and the fluid mixing of their original bass music productions.

After cultivating skills and musical chemistry by rocking LA’s underground music scene from 2002 to 2008 as members of RootaBreaka, they debuted QUADE at the 16th Moontribe Anniversary in Summer 2009 and have since made frequent appearances up and down the West Coast.

Highlight appearances in 2012:  Coachella, Electric Poncho (MX), Burning Man, Photosynthesis, Human Nature, Raindance, Lightning in a Bottle

Shared billing with:  Freq Nasty, Basssnectar, Tipper, The Lawgiverz, The Glitch Mob, Bluetech, Random Rab, Dessert Dwellers, Opiuo, VibeSquaD, EOTO, Kilowatts, Bill Bless, Kraddy, Stephan Jacobs, ill.Gates, Heyoka, Fort Knox Five, Shpongle, ill-esha, Jupit3r, OTT, R/D, David Starfire, Kalya Scintilla

Releases on: Substruk (US), Riddim Fruit (UK), Adapted (AUS), Muti Music (US), Vermin Street (US), Critical Beats (US), Ball of Waxx (US)

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