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On The Gathering Remixes, underground artists such as Living Light, Quade, and Soulacybin take their turn at remixing tracks by the downtempo/psychill power duo Desert Dwellers. The original tracks forming the basis for these remixes, Kumbh Mela and Ras Mandala, were originally composed by Amani Friend for a series of Yoga DVDs co-produced by Shaman’s Dream. The Gathering Remixes is another solid offering of sonic alchemy, and is the final release of remixes taken from the Yoga Dub series.

Original Artwork by Vajra (www.Altaroftheheart.com)
Overall production by Amani Friend

“[On Icaro Eagle Shuffle,] Quade mixes several indigenous recordings including an Icaro sung by a curandero (medicine healer) from Raboya, a village deep in the Amazon.  This Icaro was passed down through his familial line of generations of curanderos. An Icaro is a shamanic song passed down from elder shamans, dreams, or spirits, which are used to produce visions and visual displays of the inner ailments of a person’s body so the shaman can heal these patterns. This particular Icaro is a song to clean the body and take out all that causes pain, including physical ailments, confusion, crossed ideas, and sadness. Sung during a healing session.”  - Critical Beats


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