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Supper Club SF

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How Weird 2011

quade how weird street faire san francisco 2011 symbiosis

Ignite SF

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Raindance Chinese New Year 2011

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Raindance Presents : Freaker’s Ball

quade raindance presents freaker's ball public works Sub Swara Random Rab Kilowatts Heyoka Cool Hand Luke Eprom Viva Brother Nanda Timonkey The Argument Nastynasty Quade Mihkal Rastatronics Hypnotech Carly D Leafygreen Lotus Drops David Plate Fresh Young Minds Fire Lieber Crystal Awareness Dr. Knobs

“[On Icaro Eagle Shuffle,] Quade mixes several indigenous recordings including an Icaro sung by a curandero (medicine healer) from Raboya, a village deep in the Amazon.  This Icaro was passed down through his familial line of generations of curanderos. An Icaro is a shamanic song passed down from elder shamans, dreams, or spirits, which are used to produce visions and visual displays of the inner ailments of a person’s body so the shaman can heal these patterns. This particular Icaro is a song to clean the body and take out all that causes pain, including physical ailments, confusion, crossed ideas, and sadness. Sung during a healing session.”  - Critical Beats


Quade EP Release Party SF

quade rkidz triple crown adnan flook bass cadet

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